W2S3 [prəˈpəuz US -ˈpouz] v
6 propose a toast (to somebody)
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: proposer, from Latin proponere; PROPOUND]
1.) ¦(SUGGEST)¦ [T] formal
to suggest something as a plan or course of action
the changes currently proposed by the local planning authorities
the proposed budget cuts
propose that
In his speech he proposed that the UN should set up an emergency centre for the environment.
propose doing sth
The report also proposes extending the motorway.
2.) ¦(MEETING)¦ [T]
to formally suggest a course of action at a meeting and ask people to vote on it
propose a motion/amendment/resolution etc
The resolution was proposed by the chairman of the International Committee.
propose sb for sth
Mr Leesom proposed Mrs Banks for the position of Treasurer (=he suggested formally that she should be the treasurer) .
3.) ¦(THEORY)¦ [T]
to suggest an idea, method etc as an answer to a scientific question or as a better way of doing something
A number of theories have been proposed to explain the phenomenon.
4.) ¦(INTEND)¦ [T] formal
to intend to do something
propose to do sth
How does he propose to deal with the situation?
propose doing sth
We still don't know how the company proposes raising the money.
5.) ¦(MARRIAGE)¦
to ask someone to marry you, especially in a formal way
propose to
Shaun proposed to me only six months after we met.
b) propose marriage
[i]formal to ask someone to marry you
6.) propose a toast (to sb)
to formally ask a group of people at a social event to join you in wishing someone success, happiness, etc as they raise and drink a glass of wine
I'd like to propose a toast to the bride and groom.
HINT sense 1
You propose something to someone: He proposed a possible solution to me (NOT He proposed me a possible solution). Note that in spoken English, people do not usually use 'propose' to make suggestions. They usually use let's See also: let's

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